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Purple to light pink little delicate flower clusters sit atop light green/tan stems. Dried yarrow retains its beautifully colored blooms and artistic form making them a widely popular filler flower. Not only is the blooming very beautiful, it also has meaning, the yarrow flower is associated with healing and love. Bunches are 2oz and available in two stem lengths. 15-18" have aproximately 40-60 stems per bunch and 18-22" stem length have aproximately 30-50 stems per bunch.  The leaves from the stems have been removed prior to drying. All pictures are 2oz bunches. 

15"-18" and 18"-22"


  • 15-18" and 18-22" lengths
  • Unique and delicate, no two bunches are exactly alike

Purple Yarrow ~ Air Dried

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  • Protect the product from direct sunlig