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Growing high-quality dried flowers, grasses, grains, ornamentals, herbs and seeds is something we take great pride in!

Our commitment to superior quality is evidenced by the careful attention we pay to every step of the process.

Springborn Gardens products are all grown from seed or gathered on our land using safe, responsible farming practices. The result is beautiful blooms and impressive foliage that are at their prime, all while protecting the environment at the same time. We value the land we live on and believe that soil health is very critical. No synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used in the production of these plants. Low tillage is practiced, cover crops are planted, mulch is utilized, compost is created, and water is conserved. 

Our specialty products are planted, tended, weeded, harvested, and processed by hand to ensure the highest quality. We have strict handling and drying methods to optimize appearance and extend shelf life. Care is taken to meticulously inspect, clean, and package to ensure you are happy with your purchase. 

All of this detail matters to provide the highest quality dried flowers for you to enjoy!

A colorful bouquet of freshly picked flowers being held in a womans hand
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My name is Christine Klapp

Springborn Gardens was born out of a love of being in my garden, growing plants and sharing with others. After retiring, I thought it would be fun to create a dedicated flower garden and have somewhere beautiful to just putter around in anytime I wanted. I planted all types of flowers and fell in love with each and every one!  I was so proud of the way I was able to nurture my garden and watch it flourish over the season. In the mornings, I would meander through the garden with a cup of coffee in hand, just in awe of the beauty of all the plants.  My favorite thing was to harvest an armload of flowers and walk to the barn to either put them in vases or hang them to dry. 

My pretty little flower garden has now expanded into a very large growing field. I still feel the thrill of watching the plants develop and grow, I still walk in the growing fields early mornings with a cup of coffee in hand, lost in time. I receive so much satisfaction of walking into the barn with an armload of gorgeous blooms.

 I cherish what I do, on the land I love, and I hope my products provide someone with much happiness and joy. I am so grateful for your support and look forward to growing with you in the season ahead!

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